011 This is not a mix// this is a love letter// this is not a love letter// this is a promise// this promise is to ^(arc)

continuing with the ^ theme
playlist after the jump....
kiino collectiive 011
011 This is not a Mix// This is a Love Letter// This is not A Love Letter// This is a Promise// This Promise is to Λ (ARC)
[00.28.16 hms]
{song – artist : album}
01. The Game Has Changed – Daft Punk : Tron Legacy Soundtrack 
02. bo the magical car – Soft Powers 
03. Running from the Cops – Phantogram : Eyelid Movies
04. Run – Air : Talkie Walkie
05. The Robots – Kraftwork
06. Running Out of You – Keep Shelly In Athens : In Love with Dusk EP
07. Everybody’s Weird – dEUS : The Deal Crush
08. Hungry Eyes – Eric Carmen : Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
09. Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles : Not In Love

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