Warmer Climes # 257

mixtape from ^ for Warmer Climes

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check it out the track-list here with notes on each song by ^ or is it Xavier? 


soundz of DOOM

no translation necessary on this treat from stop.making.sense 

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\via The Wunderkamer

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mixtape 007

side a // I can do it 

side b // you thought it was bed time 

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mixtape 005

side a // I GOT IT  

side b // Morning Emotions  

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LIISTENIING CLUB 02 // 09 // 2010

besides the kiino collectiive mixtapes, here is what else we listened to:

~ BONGO FURY [00.45.23 hms]
From Dunwich Radio

mixtape 004

side a // coming sooon..

side b // coming sooon..

side c // showers with strangers 

side d // squeeeze 

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mixtape 001

side a // stacy's g spot  

side b // AFTER BIRTH  

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